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Car Lockout Service

Regal Locksmith is here to help! We will try our best to make your day or night a little better by getting an expert auto locksmith to you. Weather You Reach us in the middle of the afternoon or late at night We have you covered. Regal Locksmith will help get you the Auto locksmith Services you need. We have all experienced a car lockout at least one point in our life. Leaving the keys in the car and being locked out of a car is not so fun and we understand.

All Automotive Locksmith Technicians are equipped with advanced state of the art tools to unlock or service any of your needs. The tools equipped are totally safe and do not cause any damage to your vehicle. Remember avoid damaging the parts/locks by attempting to unlock the door yourself. Have an experienced car locksmith expert perform the service.

Locked Keys In Trunk

Experienced locksmiths make it look easy getting your locked keys out of your trunk. Regardless of how you got your keys stuck in your trunk, one of the expert locksmiths will get your keys out and have you back on the road in no time!

Auto Locksmiths usually use the same sets of skills as a car lockout to retrieve your keys that are stuck in your trunk. The only additional step is pressing the manual trunk release button inside the vehicle. If your vehicle trunk release button does not work don’t worry! Technicians still have other handy skills that may be performed to open your trunk

Vehicles that are equipped with Security Systems might take longer to open. Regardless of your car make or model we are confident we will have an expert locksmith unlock your trunk.

Car Key Replacement

Weather if you need a car key duplicate, key replacement or have exhausted all options and the locksmith cannot open the car door a car key replacement is usually a smooth process. Depending on the car model some advanced car keys might take a little longer to replace. A key can be replaced regardless if you have an extra key handy. The key is made using what’s called a “code machine”. The code machine allows for a duplicate of the key to be made or replaced.  A friendly reminder a car key duplication is great to keep around safely in the house to have a friend or loved one bring the key during car lockouts.

Car Key Cutting

With specialized tools and gear an Auto locksmith can cut a blank car key using advanced tools cloning the original car key. The tools will help shave metal off the brass / metal key. An expert car locksmith can get this task done easily and quickly with no risk to your original key.

Transponder Key Programming

A transponder is a chip that is found in keys in most newer cars today. It is placed for an additional level of security for your vehicle. Each key has a transponder with a unique signal which is broadcasted and sent to your vehicle’s transceiver. If the transceiver correctly reads the signal it will then let your engine crank however if it does not receive the correct signal the car will not start.

If your vehicle requires this level of security, you will need transponder key programming by a dealership or an auto locksmith. Transponder programming only takes a few minutes if done by an expert.

Car Key Extraction

A locksmith is usually called for many services such as lockouts, key programming, and many other services. One of the services we provide is key extractions for stuck or broken keys in the door or ignition.  This type of service requires a few tools and an expert locksmith. Usually in a situation of a stuck/broken key a locksmith applies lubricant to the lock, furthermore, the locksmith will use special equipment to extract the broken key from your ignition or door.

Ignition Cylinder Replacement

An Ignition of a car may need to be replaced if it shows these signs however its not limited to only the ones mentioned. One of the most common signs that you might need your ignition cylinder replaced is when you have worn pins or worn keys inside the ignition cylinder. When you have either worn keys or pins this might prevent you from cranking your engine due to a malfunctioning Ignition cylinder.

An ignition cylinder should only be replaced by a professional auto locksmith or mechanic. Do not try replacing the ignition yourself as your car will most likely need a few additional parts to be removed (Such as Steering Column Cover)

Rekey Ignition

Many people prefer carrying only one key therefor after every Ignition replacement ignition is rekeyed by a professional auto locksmith. Rekeying an Ignition is the process when you change the components housed in a lock. To have one key that functions for opening a door and starting the vehicle you will need the ignition rekeyed otherwise you will need to carry two sets of keys.


How long does it take for an expert auto locksmith to arrive near me?

If we work with a locksmith near your area usually locksmiths will take 15 to 30 minutes to arrive to you. The auto locksmiths will provide updates as they arrive near you.

Are locksmiths trained for every make and model?

Yes, we can work with every make and model. Depending on your make and model we will match you with the most experienced auto locksmith to provide all the services you need. We will send the closest locksmith near you.

How long will a locksmith take to open my car?

Most common lockouts usually take up to 5 minutes however the locksmith can give you an accurate estimate for your job.

How much do the services cost?

For an accurate estimate, please call Regal Locksmith.