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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith Services

  • Commercial Building Lockouts
  • Master System Re-Key
  • New Lock Installation
  • Lock / Old Lock Repair
  • File Cabinet Unlocking
  • And More…

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Commercial / Office Locksmith

If you are locked out of your office and need an commercial or office locksmith, we are here to help! Instead of canceling and waiting for a building manager to bring a spare you can call one of our licensed locksmiths. They will arrive and get you back inside so you can go back to tackling company goals and satisfying your clients!

Our expert locksmiths provide services like Master System Re-keying so you can have a new master key! We provide new lock installations, we can service your old lock and possibly repair it. We also provide file cabinet unlocking. If you find that you need something else that we haven’t listed please feel free to call, we are sure we can fix anything that has a lock!



I’m stuck outside, how long will it take for the locksmith to arrive to my office!

We know how frustrating it might be to be stuck outside. We will dispatch one of the closest locksmith we have available to get you the fastest turnaround time! Usually commercial and office locksmiths take around 15 – 30 minutes to arrive.

Will the current office locks be damaged?

We will try every possible method to unlock your door without having to damage the internal parts. If for any reason a locksmith needs to drill your locks it might need replacement. The expert locksmiths also provide lock replacements in any case if this is needed.