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House Lockouts

If you have ever been locked out of your own home you quickly find it is no fun. Fortunately, it’s not as bad as it seems. An experienced locksmith near you can easily open your home lock. Most common traditional house locks all work the same and can be opened within a few minutes without having any damage done to your home.

There is a process of picking your lock. A locksmith usally uses a picking set following with a few other common tools. When the tools are correctly applied, the lock will now artificially be opened.

If the lock is not a traditional lock and is a smart lock other methods may be used for opening the lock.

Changing Locks

Locks are recommended to be changed every few years as it is the only security most home have. Locks keep you safe both day and night and homeowners should periodically evaluate the health of their lock to make sure they are on top of their home security.

When the time is ready a professional locksmith is recommended to have the lock changed professionally. A professional locksmith ensures your home lock is correctly installed as suggested by the manufacture.

Lock Installation

If you are in need of a home lock installation it is advised, you contact a professional locksmith company. It is important your home lock is correctly installed to avoid damaging your new shiny lock! Once your home locks are professionally changed you will have peace of mind and the comfort of a brand new lock keeping your home and loved ones secure.

Smart Lock Installation

Smart locks are the future. With smart locks becoming more and more common in households they bring not only additional security for your home but also the comfort of unlocking and locking your door remotely from anywhere with stable internet connection. Some smart locks have additional security with 24/7 recording and live surveillance for your home.

Rekey Locks

Instead of changing a lock you may be able to rekey a lock to avoid spending money where you don’t need to. A lock can be rekeyed very easily similar to reprogramming a garage key. Most of the lock is kept using the same original parts.

Broken Key Extraction

Locksmiths are trained in removing a stuck or broken key from your home lock. The locksmith will get your lock back to working standards.

To prevent getting your key stuck or even broken in the lock, avoid using the key if you notice it getting stuck frequently while attempting to open your house doors.

House Safe Lockout

Your valuables are important, so you put it in a safe, and we get that! However, If you get your valuables stuck in a safe now what do you do? A place where it was supposed to be the safest spot is now the worst situation to have your valuables be in. Fourteenthly locksmiths are trained for safe lockouts.

Most traditional safes work similarly, either a dial or combination lock system. These types of systems don’t stand a chance in front of an expert safe locksmith.

Digital safes work with bolting systems. If the receiver does not validate and reactive a signal from the keypad the safe will prevent being turned and cracked open. If the safe does not offer a key override code, the safe may need to be wedged, pried, or sawed open. This process may permanently damage your safe and prevent it from working, however, your valuables will remain safe.


How long does it take for an expert auto locksmith to arrive near me?

If we work with a locksmith near your area usually locksmiths will take 15 to 30 minutes to arrive to you. The auto locksmiths will provide updates as they arrive near you.

Are locksmiths trained for every possible lock?

Yes, we can work with every house lock.

How long will a locksmith take to open my lock?

Most common lockouts usually take up to 5 minutes however the locksmith can give you an accurate estimate for your job.

How much do the services cost?

For an accurate estimate, please call Regal Locksmith.